The Trial of Tom Horn: Author John W. Davis To Discuss Book at Western


Western Wyoming Community College will host John W. Davis’s discussion on his book The Trial of Tom Horn on February 22nd, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. in room 1302.

John W. Davis, a trial lawyer from Worland, Wyoming will be showcasing his new book The Trial of Tom Horn, published with the University of Oklahoma Press. Davis founded the firm Davis, Donnell, Worrall & Bancroft, P.C. in Worland, which has done legal work all around the state of Wyoming for decades.

Most of Davis’s writing is focused on history and legal aspects of history and his legal background helps him paint pictures for readers that are legally accurate and understandable and interesting to the everyday person. His books include many quotes from people under oath which were recorded in court.

Mr. Davis will highlight how the trail and conviction of Tom Horn marked a major milestone in the hard-fought battle against vigilantism in the state of Wyoming, and will illuminate the larger narrative of conflict between the power of wealth and the forces of law and order in the American West. The grant is an opportunity to pay for his honoraria and travel expenses.

“Controversy has raged ever since Tom Horn’s death surrounding the question of his guilt. One might say that Mr. Davis has put Horn on trial for a second time. In doing so, he lays all of the facts on the table and has truly changed the nature of the argument,” said Mark Neels, Assistant Professor of History, at Western.

Cosponsors of this event include the Wesswick Foundation, the Outlaw Inn, the Wyoming Humanities Council and the WWCC Historical Society.

This event is free and open to the public. The community is encouraged to attend. For more information or concerns please contact Mark A. Neels, Ph.D., Visiting Assistant Professor of History at Western, at [email protected].