There’s A Lot Going On Out There


By Ann Jantz,

Ann Jantz

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. Between the beginning of school and numerous city and county meetings, I’ve been running.

Here are a couple of items to keep an eye on:

Tax discussions: Sweetwater County cities, towns and organizations have been in planning discussions about how much they all want to tax us with a new Special Purpose Tax. At last discussion, the proposed amount came to almost $230 million. Luckily, our government officials decided residents probably wouldn’t approve such an amount.

They are right.

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I believe each entity should decide on two or three projects — perhaps one or two much-needed infrastructure projects and one that would enhance the lives of residents. Balance is key, but I think most people in Green River and Rock Springs would vote for a better water treatment plant than a multi-use facility any day. If it smells or toilets don’t flush properly, your going to hear about!

And please involve the Sweetwater County Commission. The commissioners have given one or two hints that the process starts with them. Just saying…

A poo problem: And speaking of toilets — hey City of Rock Springs, if you decide to work on the water treatment plant, might I suggest you add a few more dump stations out there. My family sat in line for 45 minutes last weekend just to dump the tank to our trailer. The line snaked over and past the bridge leading to the plant; we sat there so long we became accustomed to the smell — and no one wants that!

If we’re so proud of our outdoor recreation opportunities, let’s make some accommodations for those who go out and partake of these opportunities.

I think a dump station on the north end of Rock Springs would also be great — and it would take some pressure off the water treatment plan dump station.

To lunch or not to lunch: Both my children are in high school this year, so I now get an ear-full about what’s happening at Rock Springs High School.

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It’s not new news that there has been a big schedule change at the high school, and from what my children tell me, it seems to be going well. My son, who was not in favor of a block schedule, told me he is adjusting his attitude because he usually has time to get his work done. However, he said the days seem longer on the new schedule.

One change both my children don’t care for is the one, short lunch offered this year. I’ve heard stories of long lines and students opting not to eat lunch instead of fighting those lines.

Principal Annie Fletcher noted lunch options are offered throughout the building, and many students were not aware of these options despite numerous announcements over the intercom.

Teenagers, go figure.

RSHS is monitoring the changes to see what works and what doesn’t. Lunch may be one change that is needed. I guess time will tell.

Trash talkin’: After being approach by a resident asking to buy some city property to clean it up, the City of Rock Springs is going to scrutinize how it maintains its vacant properties throughout the city. Why it took so long, I do not know.

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The city has ordinances in place that determine how residents are expected to maintain their property, so it makes sense the city should be held to the same standard. After all, how do you expect to enforce an ordinance if you yourself do not follow it?

Rock Springs should set the example. Perhaps then people who let trash and weeds accumulate on their property will feel some responsibility in cleaning it up.

Pride in our community starts with a little effort from everyone.

Ann Jantz is news director at WyoRadio and has been a news reporter for over 10 years. She can be contacted at [email protected].

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