Tiger track standout to sign with Minot State University

Seth Hymas, joined by family and coaches

ROCK SPRINGS, WYOMING (June 17, 2020) — Rock Springs High School track star Seth Hymas signed his letter of intent tonight to run track for Minot State University in Minot, North Dakota.

Hymas has run track since the seventh grade. “It was the first year that I could, and I’ve run ever since,” Hymas said.

Hymas recently took the State Championship in the long jump during the 2020 indoor track season. “I was pretty stoked about that,” Hymas commented.

Hymas said his two favorite events to participate in are the long jump and hurdles, which he will be a part of once he gets to Minot. In addition, Hymas will also participate in sprints.

Hymas laid out some of the reasons for choosing to go to school at Minot State University.

“They have a good program,” Hymas began. “Also, they don’t have an in or out of state tuition, it is just a flat rate. It was actually more affordable for me to go there than it would be to go to the University of Wyoming. Also, just getting to continue to have the chance to run on a track team and continue to move to the next level.”


Hymas also touched on some of the things he is excited about moving forward, as well as some of the preparation he will undertake moving into the collegiate-level competition.

“Just meeting new people and getting to compete and learning new things. Learning how to do things differently than I have this whole time,” Hymas said. “I’m excited. I’m excited to go to the next level and take the next step like most people want to, but sometimes don’t get the chance to. I’m very thankful I have the opportunity to. It will be probably a lot harder [to prepare] than it was for high school competition; but, it will be good. It will be fun.”

Hymas has already taken steps to begin preparing.

“I have been watching my diet lately,” Hymas noted. “I do landscaping, so I’m doing a lot of labor. I have just been trying to work hard at that. Maybe not necessarily ‘hit the gym’ and gain muscle, but doing things like that to help maintain, at least.”

Hymas spoke about some of the people who helped him along with his track career as a Rock Springs Tiger.

“Tony Yerkovich, Mark Bedard, Mark Lenhardt, and Casey Walker. I know Brad DeKrey, he was very influential for my track tenure. Old baseball coaches, every coach I’ve ever had, teachers that I had made a difference, talking to me about sports. I have to give it to everyone, I can’t just name a few. I thank everyone that I’ve interacted with along this journey so far.”

Hymas plans to study business administration while attending Minot State University.

When asked what he plans to do with his education in business administration, Hymas claimed, “Eventually become the C.E.O. of something, or have my own business.”