Today is Census Day


CHEYENNE, WYOMING (April 1, 2020) – As of last night, 28.1% of Wyoming households have self-responded to the 2020 Census.  The national self-response rate is 36.2%, our neighbors to the north in Montana are at 29.3% self-response, which puts Wyoming within reach of beating Montana.


It has never been easier to respond to the 2020 Census on your own, whether online, by phone, or by mail – all without having to meet a census taker. We encourage all Wyoming residents to self-respond as soon as possible and help Wyoming beat Montana in self-response and become one of the top self-response states in the country!  Go to or call 1-844-330-2020 and cross it off your list today.


Top 10 Wyoming Counties Self-Response Rates (as of March 31, 2020)

    1. Johnson County, 41.2%
    2. Laramie County, 38.3%
    3. Washakie County, 37.5%
    4. Albany County, 36.3%
    5. Goshen County, 36.1%
    6. Park County, 35.4%
    7. Sweetwater County, 33.7%
    8. Natrona County, 32.7%
    9. Sheridan County, 31.9%
    10. * Platte County, Hot Springs County – tied, 31.7 %


Check out this MAP to track response rates.



  • The 2020 Census is a short questionnaire that asks about who lives in your household as of April 1, 2020.
  • The 2020 Census requires counting a diverse and growing population in the United States and the five U.S. territories.
  • The 2020 Census is important because it will determine how of billions of dollars in federal funding are distributed, and will provide data that will impact communities for the next decade.
  • Responding to the 2020 Census is safe and secure. Individual responses are confidential and protected by law.



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