“Ton of Turkey” food drive to assist area food bank


The Sweetwater County Riding Community’s 2020 donation to Albertsons for Thanksgiving “turkey boxes.” The total amount donated by the club was around $5,000.

EDIT: 10/27 8:45 AM

Instead of giving out “turkey boxes” at The Sweetwater County food banks in Rock Springs and Green River, people will receive Albertsons gift cards.

“Because of COVID, everyone is claiming to have a shortage of employees, issues with getting products, and reduction of truck drivers,” Dead Men Motorcycle Club of Rock Springs President, Kenn Boyd, said in an interview with Wyo4News Wednesday morning. “For Albertsons, it was becoming a logistics nightmare trying to get all the products to show up at the right time, in the right amounts, and at the right places.”

To circumvent the logistical issues, Albertsons is going to turn the donation money into into gift cards, instead of “turkey boxes.” The gift cards will be distributed at food banks in increments that are decided upon.

Now, people can purchase what they want. It may not be a turkey.

“You don’t have to buy cranberries if you don’t like them,” Boyd said.

Jena Doak, [email protected]

SWEETWATER COUNTY, WYOMING (October 27, 2021) — Donations for the “Ton of Turkey Food Drive,” a Sweetwater County Riding Community fundraising effort, are now accepted at various locations. Money will go toward producing “Turkey Boxes” at Albertsons, to be distributed to the Food Bank of Sweetwater County at Thanksgiving.


The Dead Men Motorcycle Club of Rock Springs (Nnek) started raising funds around Thanksgiving in 2013 for the turkey drive. However, three years ago, a shortage of food bank freezer capacity upended the efforts.

“Last year, we started taking donations again,” Dead Men Motorcycle Club of Rock Springs President, Kenn Boyd, said. “People wanted to donate, so we decided we would give turkeys, even if we had to stand in the parking lot to do it.”

It was then that a partnership between The Sweetwater County Riding Community and Albertsons began. Albertsons took the donations and turned them into “turkey boxes,” actual boxes with entire Thanksgiving dinners per container. Last year, 450 of these boxes were then delivered to food banks.

Anyone is encouraged to donate money for the drive. The Sweetwater County Riding Community is putting donation jugs at some of the places they frequent. Those locations include: The Pour House Saloon & Liquor, Stockman’s Saloon & Steakhouse, Euphoric Tattoo Parlor, Wool Warehouse; Flaming Gorge Market in Manilla, Utah, O’Reilly Auto Parts, Flaming Gorge Harley Davidson, and Kelly’s Convenience Centers in Rock Springs.

For more information, please refer to The Sweetwater County Riding Community’s Facebook page.