Trial begins for Utah woman accused of killing man in Rock Springs



June 17, 2024 — Wyo4News

The trial of Rene Daniels began today. Daniels is accused of causing the death of Emiliano “Chico” Morales III, her former boyfriend, in a hit-and-run incident that occurred in the parking lot of the 9th Street Kum N’ Go in Rock Springs. The charges against her include Second Degree Murder and Involuntary Manslaughter. The incident took place on May 24, 2023.


The proceedings started with the selection of the jury, followed by opening statements from Micaela Lira and Dan Erramouspe representing the prosecution, and H. Michael Bennett representing the defense. Following the introductions, the prosecution began presenting their witnesses.

The prosecution called five witnesses today. A sixth witness was unavailable as they were travelling from Colorado. The witnesses included Mary Alyce Giordano, the mother of Mr. Morales, Matthew Eaton, a cousin of Morales, Joseph Flaim, a witness to the aftermath of the incident, Jordan Osborn, a witness to the incident itself, and Samantha Claire Bingham, a patient access specialist at Sweetwater County Memorial, who was on duty in the emergency room on the day of the incident.


The testimonies provided several details about the incident. It was alleged that Daniels left the ER immediately after stating she had run over her boyfriend. Osborn testified that Daniels followed them out of the Kum & Go parking lot until they ran a light and turned off, at which point Daniels allegedly turned in the opposite direction, away from Sweetwater Memorial.

The trial will resume tomorrow at 9 a.m., starting with the testimony of the prosecution’s final witness, followed by the defense’s witnesses. Wyo4News will continue to provide updates on the trial.