Trial to begin Monday for Utah woman accused of killing man in Rock Springs



June 14, 2024 — Wyo4News

Jury selection for the trial of a Utah woman accused of running over and killing a man in the parking lot of the Rock Springs 9th Street Kum N’ Go will begin on Monday, June 17. Rene Daniels is facing charges of Murder in the Second Degree and Involuntary Manslaughter in the death of Emiliano “Chico” Morales III, her former boyfriend. The incident took place on May 24, 2023. In June of 2023, Daniels plead not guilty to those charges.


According to court documents, Daniels met up with Emiliano “Chico” Morales III, boyfriend of two years, at the Kum & Go on 9th Street to give him back his belongings. The two were having an altercation revolving around Daniels finding out Morales was cheating on her. During the argument, Morales was standing in the road when he threw his belongings at Daniels, who was sitting in her vehicle. Daniels then removed herself from her vehicle and took a motorcycle part, scraped it against the asphalt, and then threw it in Morales’s direction. Daniels then got back in her vehicle with Morales standing behind the vehicle. Morales then took that part and threw it through the back windshield. As the glass shattered, Daniels hit the gas pedal to get away. During this, Morales jumped on the hood of her car as she was taking off in the turning lane.

The motion of the car resulted in Morales falling underneath the car, resulting in Daniels running him over. Daniels stated that Morales then said, “Baby you got me, take me to the hospital.” That is when Daniels loaded Morales up in the vehicle, taking him to the hospital.

Morales subsequently passed away from his injuries sustained in this incident.


Daniels’s trial was originally scheduled to begin on December 11, 2023. She also faces a misdemeanor charge of falsely reporting to authorities an alleged September 2023 sexual assault while in custody at the Sweetwater County Detention Center.

Judge Richard Lavery will preside over the proceedings.