Two accepted health order variances allow more businesses to reopen in Sweetwater County


ROCK SPRINGS, WYOMING (May 7, 2020) — The Sweetwater County Emergency Operations Center held a media briefing today, where it was announced that two variances sent from Sweetwater County had been accepted by the State of Wyoming.


These two variances allow the opportunity to immediately open the following businesses on a limited basis:

  • Restaurants
  • Food courts
  • Coffee shops
  • Bars/taverns
  • Gymnasiums
  • Churches
  • Funeral homes

The first variance dealt with restaurants, food courts, coffee shops, bars, taverns, and gymnasiums. Some of the restrictions that business owners of this type must follow include:

  • Keeping patrons seated at tables and booths
  • Limiting tables to 6 or fewer people, preferably of the same household
  • Proper signage reminding individuals of social distancing guidelines, as well as floor markers to indicate proper spacing
  • Proper face coverings and PPE wore by staff at all times, as well as proper hygiene practices between interactions with each table
  • Proper sanitation practices, to be performed in the morning, afternoon, and evening


The second variance dealt with funeral homes and religious establishments. Some of the restrictions these businesses face include:

  • Maintaining 6 feet of distance between individual household groups
  • Limiting the number of people in a confined area at any time to allow for adequate distancing
  • Not allowing close contact between members of different households during services or meetings
  • Proper sanitation of materials, collection plates, and communion trays
  • No exchange of food or drink
  • Face coverings for organizational leaders

Both variances can be viewed below in their entirety:

Variance 1
Variance 2