Two New Detention Officer Positions Approved By Commissioners


The Board of County Commissioners has approved two new Detention Officer positions for the Sweetwater County Detention Center.

John Bunning

County Human Resources Director Garry McLean spoke to the Commissioners today recommending the two additional positions.

McLean conducted a staffing analysis for the detention center. The analysis found that the center should have 31 sworn positions and 16 non-sworn staff at the detention center. There are 29 sworn and 16 non-sworn positions currently filled at the detention center.

Prior to the County’s Voluntary Separation Program incentives and the approval of this fiscal year’s budget, the detention center employed 34 sworn staff and 19 non-sworn staff.

McLean’s analysis said 31 sworn positions was the minimum requirement to safely operate the detention center.

Sweetwater County Sheriff Mike Lowell requested the two additional detention officer positions and withdrew a prvious request for two non-sworn positions.

The Board of County Commissioners unanimously approved the request for two detention officers. The new positions will cost approximately $34,000 each for the remainder of the fiscal year.