Two Students Arrested In Lovell For Alleged Terroristic Threats


Two juveniles were arrested in Lovell, Wyoming last week for allegedly making terroristic threats against a school.

According to a statement by Lovell Chief of Police Dan Laffin, a Lovell Middle School student and a Lovell High School student were arrested last Thursday after a school resource officer notified police about threats made on social media using an Instagram post. The threats were directed against Lovell Middle School.

“Lovell Police took immediate measures to identify the origin of the threats and initiated an aggressive investigation into the matter,” Laffin said in a statement posted on the department’s Facebook page.

Police obtained a search warrant and contacted the juveniles. The suspects were interviewed by police and admitted to making the threats via social media. Both juveniles were immediately taken into custody, brought before a magistrate, and transported to the Regional Juvenile Detention Center in Casper.


“We implore parents to speak to their children about the consequences of making threats and the impact of social media. We have many, many great young people who make responsible, positive decisions daily. Please encourage those that do well to continue to do well and reinforce their positive behavior,” Laffin said in his statement.

“If children become frustrated and feel the need to lash out or make threats, there are several outlets, agencies, counselors, family, clergy and school personnel that are available and can provide direction and guidance to get children through the situation avoiding criminal action. As the Chief of Police, I can assure you, we hold everyone accountable for their actions…responsibility and accountability are tenants of positive growth.”

The investigation was a collaborative effort between the Lovell Police Department, the Big Horn County Sheriff’s Office through their School Resource Officer, the Wyoming Department of Criminal Investigation and School Leadership and Staff Personnel.