U.S. Space Force Flag to make a home in Green River


Green River Mayor Pete Rush and City Councilperson Sherry Bushman with Space Force Flag

January 22, 2022 — Yesterday, Friday, Green River Mayor Rust and Councilperson Sherry Bushman revealed the United States Space Force flag that Bushman received from the Vandenberg Space Force Base located near Lompoc, California.  

The flag shown above is believed to be the first in Wyoming and will be placed up at the cemetery to stand next to the other flags from the branches of the military. Bushman also received an additional flag which the honor guard will use.

Space Force is the sixth independent branch if the U.S. military tasked with missions and operations in the rapidly evolving space domain. It was established in December 2019 through the National Defense Authorization Act and created to defend the freedom to operate in space.