Unknown Soldier Interred and Honored At Rock Springs Cemetery [PHOTOS & VIDEO]


An unknown soldier whose body was discovered near Green River was laid to rest at the Rock Springs Municipal Cemetery today.

The soldier’s remains were found in a small grave on the bluffs above Green River. He was buried with some artifacts, including a Union Coat. Based on the remains and artifacts, the soldier is believed to have lived during the American Indian Wars between 1874 and 1880.

The remains were discovered by an archaeological team conducting an environmental assessment. The remains were then sent to Western Wyoming Community College and later to the University of Wyoming for examination. Once the remains were examined, it was determined that the man would be placed at the Rock Springs Cemetery and he would be honored as a soldier.

The unknown soldier was interred and honored with a full salute and taps by the American Legion Archie Hay Post 24 from Rock Springs. The National Guard was present to fold the flag for the unknown soldier as well.