Wandering Amylessly: Hi, my name is Amy


Wyo4News feature writer Amy Larsen

Wandering Amylessly
with Amy Larsen/Wyo4News Feature Writer

September 12, 2021 — To wander aimlessly is often defined as walking around in a particular place, generally without any purpose or plan. To wander Amylessly, well that is something a little harder to define, but I plan on spending the rest of my life trying to figure it out. I am sure it involves wandering around in new to me or even old familiar places. However, I am positive it is about how I make sense of the world around me. Rarely it involves a thought-out plan, but somehow it always includes a purpose.

I suppose to truly define Wandering Amylessly, I have to start with defining who Amy is. I am a Rock Springs native and graduate of Rock Springs High School. I have an AAS in Environmental Science, studied Outdoor Recreation and Tourism at the University of Wyoming, went on to receive a Masters in Pastoral Theology and another Masters in Tourism Management. I did my college internship at Walt Disney World, twice! I worked for several years in youth and young adult ministry, tourism and have volunteered with several organizations. I like to hike, travel, lake kayak, take scenic drives, photography, UW Football, and M&M’s. I could go on with listing my resume, but I don’t feel that truly defines me, just my student loan debt.  Besides it is not really all that interesting to read.



So then who is Amy?

I am not sure there is a definitive definition as, like everyone else, I am a work in progress. However I think my favorite movie quote, “You don’t choose a life, you live one” (The Way, 2011) gives some great insight. Simply put, I am a relatively normal person making the most of this life I have been given.  Just like everyone else I have climbed mountains and found myself in deep valleys, but I am still moving forward. I have been blessed to have traveled to some incredible places around the world, but have also found incredible adventures in my own backyard. Through all of these years of life, I have found the greatest part of any adventure I take is discovering its story, its purpose, and then connecting it to my own. I have a passion for sharing these stories and lessons as I have discovered the more I share, the more it encourages others to search for stories as well.

Wandering Amylessly is about finding out how my story connects with other stories that are all around me, and the life lessons yet to learn from them. It is my thoughts, reflections, observations, and even sometimes something I overhear while I am doing nothing more than just living life. Once in a while, it will include those who wander with me, including my two dogs Lexie (who is an adventure all in herself) and Blue Belle. Whether mentioned or not, it will almost always include my most loyal wandering companion, my trusty, albeit recently replaced, red backpack that not only carries my necessities for the day but helps me carry the stories and lessons learned as I continue to wander.  (Bonus, it also makes it a bit easier to find me in a crowd as red backpacks aren’t really that common!). Wandering Amylessly, it is not about searching to find out who I am. I already have a pretty solid foundation to build on with that. It is not a blog about my travels and adventures, wandering is not about having to go someplace else.  It is about living life.

I am excited and terrified at the same time to start Wandering Amylessly with all of you. However as the Famous explorer Charles Muntz (and Ellie) once said “Adventure is out there” (Up, 2009), and I am ready to see where we wander too.