Western Wyoming Community College Strategic Plan update 



Wyo4News Staff, [email protected] [PRESS RELEASE]

ROCK SPRINGS, WYOMING — In 2021 Western Wyoming Community College (Western) published its most recent college-wide strategic plan. This plan outlines the college’s priorities and guides decision-making across the institution. It is reviewed annually to ensure alignment with stakeholder needs and to assess the College’s efforts in meeting its strategic goals. 

The plan consists of four pillars, each with a corresponding set of key performance indicators (KPI’s). These KPI’s provide a useful set of metrics to evaluate college success in meeting strategic priorities. Pillar number one is Create a Culture of Success. The primary KPI for this pillar is enrollment, with a goal of 1% annual growth. In 2022-23 Western saw a small decrease in its enrollment, but 2023-24 to date there has been an uptick of about 3% in Full Time Equivalent (FTE) students. 

Pillar two is Strengthen Academic Excellence. A primary KPI within this area is credentials awarded. The College would like to award at least 350 credentials each year. In 2023 Western awarded 369. Additionally, the College seeks to maintain a student-to-faculty ratio of not more than 16-to-1, which is the average for Wyoming community colleges. In 2023 Western’s ratio was 11-to-1. 

Pillar three is Cultivate Valuable Partnerships, this priority speaks to important connections the College maintains with its community stakeholders. The institution uses the headcount in its workforce courses as a primary KPI. Last year the goal was 2,350 students enrolled in workforce courses. Actual enrollment was 3,769. 

Pillar four is Operate Efficiently. The College seeks to be a good steward of public resources and chooses KPI’s which effectively measure these efforts. One of these is the institution’s bond rating. This is a general measure of financial health and creditworthiness. In 2023 Western’s bond rating was A+. 

For comments or questions about Western’s strategic plan, contact Associate Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness Mark Rembacz at [email protected] or call 307- 382-1899. For a copy of the strategic plan, you can find it online: westernwyoming.edu/strategicplan. Western’s annual report is also now available in all local libraries in the college’s service area and online: https://www.westernwyoming.edu/about/accreditation/annual-report.php