What are we celebrating today? December 1, 2021


December 1, 2021 — Every day has something to celebrate!

Here is what we are celebrating today:

“National Pie Day” – Treat yourself to dessert today!  According to tasteatlas.com, America’s favorite flavor of pie is apple with pecan second, Key Lime third, and cream pie fourth.

“Rosa Parks Day” –  This is the day in 1955 Rosa Parks, and African-American was arrested in Columbus, Ohio for refusing to give up her bus seat to a white person. She was charged with breaching the Jim Crow laws and was sentenced to life in prison but instead appealed her conviction was found guilty of disorderly behavior and changed $10 plus $4 in court costs. Her case put the legality of segregation on the table.

“Eat a Red Apple Day” – Does an apple a day keep the doctor away?  Well, the apple, particularly the skin, is an excellent source of antioxidants.

December 1 Birthday Babies:

Singer Actor Bette Midler is 76 – She has won four Golden Globes, three Grammy Awards, two Tony Awards, and received two Oscar nominations.

Comedian Sarah Silverman is 51 – She was a writer for Saturday Night Live from 2007 to 2010.

Actor Zoe Kravitz is 33 – Daughter of rocker Lenny Kravitz and actor Lisa Bonet. She was Angel is the 2011 X-Men movie