What are we celebrating today? November 23, 2021


November 23, 2021 — Every day has something to celebrate!

Here is what we car celebrating today:

“Dr. Who Day” – The British Sci-Fi TV series ran from 1963 to 1989 and then was brought back in 2005 to the present. To date, 13 different actors have played the Dr. Who character.

“Espresso Day” – The coffee drink originated in Italy. The first patented espresso machine dates back to 1884.

“International Image Consultants Day” – A salute to the folks who tell other folks how to improve their public image so regular folks will like or forgive them.

November 23 Birthday Babies:

TV personality Robin Roberts is 61

TV host Chris Hardwick is 50 – Currently the host of TV’s “The Wall”

Actor/singer Miley Cyrus is 29 – Came to fame as Hannah Montana on Disney and went on to pop music fame.