What are we celebrating today? November 24, 2021


November 24, 2021 — Every day has something to celebrate!

Here is what we are celebrating today:

“Jukebox Day” – The coin-operated player of music dates back to 1889 when cylinders provided the music. Vinyl records started appearing in jukeboxes in the mid-1920s.

“Celebrate You Unique Talent Day” – It could be writing, singing, sports, or the fact that you are double-jointed.

“Tie One On Day” – Stop!  Put down that beer. Tie One On Day celebrates the apron on the day prior to, for most, the messiest cooking day of the year.


November 24 Birthday Babies:

Actor Colin Hanks is 44 – Yep, he’s Tom’s kid

Actor Katherine Heigl is 43 – Played Izzie Stevens on TV’s Grey’s Anatomy for five seasons before concentrating on her movie acting and producing career

Actor Sarah Hyland is 31 – Best known for playing ditzy Haley Dunphy on TV’s “Modern Family”.