What are we celebrating today? October 21, 2021


October 21, 2021 — Every day has something to celebrate!

Here is what we are celebrating today:

“Get Smart About Credit Day” – As of 2021 the average American had a credit score of 711, which falls into the “good” range. That score was also an all-time high. Currently, the average American owes $5,315 in credit card debt.

“Celebration of the Mind Day” – It is a day to celebrate puzzles, games, and even math problems.  So, with that in mind, “If Train A leaves the station at noon from San Francisco and heads for Chicago at 40 mph, and two hours later Train B leaves the same station, also for Chicago, traveling 60 mph, what time will Train B overtake Train A?  Good Luck!

“Reptile Awareness Day” – Did you know Wyoming has an official reptile? It’s the Horned Toad, which is actually a lizard but resembles a toad.


Birthdays babies for October 20:

Judge Judy is 79 – (Presided over her TV courtroom from 1996 to July of this year.)
Kim Kardashian is 41 – (Her net worth is now valued at $1.4 billion!)
Singer Kane Brown is 28 – (Songs “What Ifs”, “Home Sick”)
Singer Doja Cat is 26 – (L.A. born rapper who signed her first record deal at 17)