Wolves Lose, Lady Wolves Draw In 4A West Conference Matches With Natrona County


Green River, WY (4/13/19) – The Wolves came up short and the Lady Wolves left the field with a draw after 4A West Conference matches with Natrona County at Wolves Stadium on Saturday.


A 2-1 loss to the hands of the Mustangs puts the Wolves back in the loss column. It was a tightly contested match, but the Wolves weren’t able to overcome to late goals by the Mustangs. The Wolves are now 2-1-1 in conference play and 5-2-1 overall. The Mustangs improve to 2-3-1 in the conference and 2-4-1 overall.

The Lady Wolves battled it out with the Fillies as the match finished in a draw by a score of 1-1. The Lady Wolves now move to 1-3-1 in the conference and 3-4-1 overall. The Fillies go to 0-2-4 in conference play and 0-3-4 overall.


Both Green River teams will be back in action on Thursday, April 18, when they go on the road to face Star Valley in another 4A West Conference clash. The Wolves will be at 3 p.m. and the Lady Wolves will start at 5 p.m. Both games will be at Star Valley High School.

Both Natrona County teams will be on the road on Tuesday, April 16, when they face Evanston, which will also be 4A West Conference matches. Both matches will be at 3 p.m. with the Mustangs playing the Red Devils at Evanston High School, and the Fillies squaring off with the Lady Red Devils at Evanston Middle School.

Records, rankings, and future games were provided by wyopreps.com.