Wyo4News Switchbacks: Weaknesses are overrated


September 18, 2022

By Ryan
Wyo4News feature writer

There are few things in life as annoying as being regaled with your weaknesses. It can be a boss, spouse, friend, or even your children. The interpretation of your failings by others isn’t often fun to endure. They are not able to appreciate your inner workings. Such conversations are an unavoidable part of life and relationships. But what are we supposed to do about our weaknesses?

Even though our growth is essential, how much energy and time should we invest in our weaknesses? Should we obsess about our weaknesses until we become perfect? That doesn’t seem realistic.

Weaknesses Are A Matter Of Opinion

So, one person has a problem with what they believe are your weaknesses. It is just as likely that someone else could compliment the very same attribute as your strength. Our shortcomings are presented by people with lenses different than our own. Something about us that offends or falls short in their eyes may be what makes us successful in other areas. So, it’s not wise to accept the evaluations of others without consideration of your own story and purpose.

The failings that shortchange our lives, relationships, and finances should be rectified.  We should, however, keep our “fix-it” list short. Why?


Someone Needs To Do What ONLY YOU Do Best!

Work on your strengths. Build your strengths. This is why so many become mediocre. Our strengths diminish while we are spending our time working on our weaknesses. Someone needs to shine!

There is only only one you. We need you to be you. Your strengths are what make your home, job, and community better. If a weakness is sabotaging your strength, that’s one to fix. However, the next time a boss suggests some plan of action, maybe you should push back.  Too many “action plans” simply force you to fit a corporate mold. If you don’t fight to do what you do best, who will?

Believe me, our world, businesses, families, and communities need our strengths. Sure, everyone wants you to conform to the norm, but that isn’t what’s needed. You are on this earth to STAND OUT! There was a 1 in a billion chance of you, and here you are. It seems clear that we need you.

What About Friends, Spouses, Employees, and Contractors?

So, what about the things you don’t do well?  Newsflash, all the things you do badly, someone else does very well. Use your strength to help them, and let them use theirs to help you. Marriages work great when you have two people doing what they do best for each other. Families are incredible when parents recognize their children’s strengths. When children are given opportunities to improve, they thrive. Businesses flourish when leaders build a team out of the unique “strength sets” on the payroll. Too many bosses work at forcing a bunch of “round pegs into square holes”. You can make your business or workplace better with a little assertiveness and patience.

You are only alone in this life if you choose to be. You shouldn’t have to do it all yourself. You don’t have to fix your weaknesses. Surround yourself with people who are strong where you are weak. Then…

Shine! Do what you do best! Do your thing for everyone you can. Then you will have much more fun, and you will enjoy your place in this world so much more.

Have Fun!