Wyoming Business Council CEO provides update during Governor Gordon’s media briefing


CHEYENNE, WYOMING (April 29, 2020) — Josh Dorrell, Wyoming Business Council CEO, spoke today during Governor Gordon’s media briefing at the State Capitol Building.

Dorell spoke about what the Wyoming Business Council (WBC) has done during the COVID-19 pandemic to help out businesses around the state, and also laid out several answers to commonly asked questions from business owners in Wyoming.


Dorrell says that the WBC has worked hard to provide education and support to businesses that have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This work has included a plethora of webinars and training aimed at understanding the difficulties Wyoming businesses are facing during the pandemic.

Dorrell says that the WBC has found that accounting and financing training has become critical during this time.

“We were able to bring a number of accounts from around the state together to provide a webinar and one-on-one counseling for businesses with less than 15 people,” Dorrell discussed. “It was so popular that we will have two more sessions in the coming weeks.”

Dorrell claims that the theme of the WBC during the pandemic has been “outreach and education”.

“Our goal has been to be the place businesses turn to as they face those challenges,” Dorrell said. “Throughout this crisis, we have worked closely with our partners at the state and local level, as well as businesses, to come up with ways to relax the health orders so that businesses can begin to function in a limited capacity.”



Dorrell mentioned that a careful approach is important not only to public health but to the success of businesses in the aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak.

“Taking a careful, data-driven, and metered approach is important to public health, but, is also important to our businesses; because many of them have told us that a cycle of start-up and shut-down could be more devastating to them than the shut-down itself.”

“Business owners in Wyoming are very smart, they are resilient, and they’re compassionate,” Dorrell noted. “As we talked with those businesses I could see that, while there might have been some frustration, most people are willing to work and move forward.”

“I’m very encouraged by the business owners in Wyoming, and we would love to continue to serve them.”