Wyoming considering toll roads to address funding shortfall


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Wyo4News, [email protected]com

ROCK SPRINGS, WYOMING (January 2, 2020) —  The Wyoming Legislature will be considering a new bill, filed for the 2021 session of the legislature.

The bill, named House Bill 37, would establish road usage charges ranging from 0.013 cents to 0.14 cents a mile.

The bill includes the creation of a road usage charge program.

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Vehicle owners would be charged based on the “category” of their vehicle. There are 6 categories, each ranging in price per mile:

  1. Motorcycles and multipurpose vehicles (all-terrain and off-road recreation vehicles), $0.013 per mile
  2. Passenger cars, $0.0215 per mile
  3. Pickup trucks, vans, sports utility vehicles, and crossovers (including gasoline and diesel-powered), $0.0287 per mile
  4. Buses and single unit (4 or more axle) trucks, $0.065 per mile
  5. Single trailer trucks, $0.1032 per mile
  6. 7 or more axel multi-trailer trucks, $0.1435 per mile

According to the bill, these rates may adjust every three years to account for inflation.

Read the entire bill by clicking here.

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