Wyoming Representative Submits Bill To End Daylight Savings

Photo credit to wyofile.com

Wyo4News reached out to Dan Laursen, Wyoming Representative for District 25 about his proposed House Bill 14 to end daylight savings in Wyoming. To read the bill in its entirety click here. 


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Laursen stated he has brought the bill forward the past three years and is bringing it forward again. View his answers below:


Why did you bring forth the bill?

The reason is because I do not like changing the clock, leave it one way or the other, but I have decided to push for day light savings time all year long. This year is a general session so it is easier to get a bill brought forward.
One of the main reasons I keep working on this is I do not think it is healthy for us to change the clock twice a year. It is very stressful on elderly and kids in school, I am not elderly yet, but close and it is tough on me for a couple of weeks. People laugh but it is true.  Also this time of the year I would enjoy an extra hour of daylight in the evening and let it be darker an hour longer in the morning. Currently kids go to school in the dark and come home in the dark, if we changed at least they might come home in the light.
I believe it affects commerce in the same way, most stores do not open until 9 or 10 anyway, when it is light. I believe an extra hour in the late afternoon would keep people out shopping too.
Arizona stays on Standard time all year long, the law allows States to choose this but not to choose Daylight Savings all year. So in the summer they are on the same time as California but in the winter they are one hour ahead of California.

When does the General Session Begin?

The General Session starts Tuesday with the Governor’s State of the State on Wednesday.

What is the process for getting the bill passed?

First it will be assigned to a committee by the Speaker, it will then be heard by that committee when the Chairman decides to, I will be given the opportunity to present the bill and then anyone interested can give their thoughts about it, the committee will move the bill if they want to and then they will discuss and maybe amend it, it will be voted on and hopefully pass to be brought to the Committee of the Whole in the House, it will be brought forward three times when leadership decides, if it passes three times it will be sent to the Senate where it will go through the same process.  If it passes the Senate with no amendments it goes directly to the Governor, if not it will be sent back to the House to determine if the amendments are agreed to, if not then there will be a committee assigned to negotiate wording hopefully both houses can agree to.

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Why is the bill contingent on three other states?

The reason for requiring three contiguous states to pass similar laws is because my fellow legislators will not pass this without others.  They do not want to be the lone state changing to daylight savings all year.  They say it is too confusing for Evanston people to know when to watch the Salt Lake City news, go to the doctor or to the airport in Utah. They might feel better with a crowd.

Are there any other states surrounding us that are considering to moving to daylight savings year round?

I am not sure if other states surrounding Wyoming are considering this, I hope so.

Do you feel the bill has a good chance of passing?

I do think the bill has a better chance this year, I am adding that the request will only be sent to the Secretary of Transportation after three out of the six contiguous states pass the same bill.