Your Wyoming November vote for President can not go to Kayne West



Kayne West

Wyo4News Staff,
[email protected]

ROCK SPRINGS, WYOMING (August 24, 2020) — If you are a registered Wyoming voter and were looking forward to voting for Kayne West for President of the United States in November, well that’s not going to happen.


The deadline for West to submit the required 4,025 valid signatures of registered voters to be included on Wyoming’s November ballot was 5 p.m. yesterday. That didn’t happen. Just prior to last week’s state primary election, West, who resides in Cody, Wyoming, filed the paperwork to appear on the state’s presidential ballot.

Brock Pierce, a resident of Puerto Rico, did submit the required signatures to appear on Wyoming November ballot. His submitted signatures will still need to be verified by the Wyoming Secretary of State’s Office.