Sierra Sorenson is the youngest Miss Wyoming for American Strong since 1930


Wyo4News photo of Sierra Sorenson in Liberty Parade

Sweetwater County- Sierra Sorenson is the youngest Miss Wyoming for American Strong since 1930, and the first-ever Miss Wyoming for American Strong from Sweetwater County. She won this title on June 25, 2022. Now she will be competing at the nationals in Las Vegas From August 12 to August 21, 2022.


Sierra just turned 20 years old on June 11 and has been competing in pageants for roughly 15 years. She has won quite a few titles in the past, including Red Desert Rodeo Queen in 2021, and Red Desert Rodeo Princess in 2020. In 2013 she was Western Dreams USA State Queen and went on to compete at the national level, where she won the title of Western Dreams National Lifetime Queen. Sierra could not recall the exact years but she has also received 2nd attendant Red Desert Rodeo Princess twice, and 3rd attendant Red Desert Rodeo Princess once.

Sierra’s platform is “You are perfect just the way you are”. Her biggest goal is to show everyone, that no matter what age, gender, sexuality, or race you are, you should be able to feel comfortable in your own body. One of the biggest things she has learned over the years is to be more self-confident stating, “You have to push yourself to your breaking point.” She was able to use this lesson to her advantage just recently. Right after being crowned and walking to the end of the stage, her crown fell off of her head in front of everybody. Rather than dwelling on this, Sierra picked up her crown, placed it back on her head, and smiled at the stunned crowd. “I was so stunned but I just smiled,” said Sierra.

She doesn’t have any other upcoming pageant plans besides the national competition, but one day she hopes to compete for the Miss Wyoming title.