Dillion Davis signs letter of intent for Track & Field


Tiffany Asher, [email protected]

GREEN RIVER, WYOMING — Today, Dillion Davis signed his letter of intent to Colorado Mesa Univerity in Colorado to play in track & field.


Davis stated that he chose Colorado Mesa University because “It was one of the few Division Two schools that gave me the opportunity and they have a good geography program.” He is going to go to school for geography. “It’s been a passion for a very long time. Ever since elementary school, I have been interested in geography. In fact, in 9th grade, I competed in the National Geographic Bee. I represented Wyoming at Washington, D.C.”

Davis explained, “I do throws, so that’s shot put, and discus. When I go to Colorado Mesa, I’ll add hammer and javelin in the mix.” Davis has been in Track & Field since 7th grade or around 6 years now.

Davis stated that he is most excited about the higher level of Track & Field and the geography program that is offered at Mesa Colorado University.

“I love the event mostly. I love throwing and the friends I can make. Just a lot of the friends have made over the last four years and the fact that they have stuck with me,” Davis said.

Davis will miss all the friends he has made. Davis said, “Because I probably won’t see them for a long time, which includes friends from Rock Springs and Evanston. I will also miss my coach and the smaller town.”

“It was a pleasure coaching Dillon for four years. He is a hard worker and you know, at the college level it’s a lot of hard work. I think he’ll do very well with it,” Coach Hansen said. He explained that it’s exciting to see kids move forward since he only coaches at the high school level and can’t wait to see where Davis goes.