Not sure how to talk to your kids about cannabis? Check out


Not sure how to talk to your kids about cannabis? Check out

Knowing that a parent disapproves of substance use is one of the most influential factors in teens not using drugs. If you are unsure of what to say, Sweetwater County Prevention Coalition wants you to know that WyWeTalk can help.

The site was developed by Wyomingites, for Wyomingites, with the purpose of informing parents about why it is important to talk with their children about major issues like underage drinking, substance use, vaping, and mental health.

The WyWeTalk Substance Use page provides information and statistics about specific substances, why kids may try them, and how to spot the signs of substance use.  It then provides tips for having an effective conversation about avoiding drugs with your middle school, high school, or college-aged child.

Back to the cannabis conversation. With the increasing legalization of marijuana in other states, marijuana has become more common, more potent, and more dangerous than the marijuana of twenty years ago. Using today’s high-potency marijuana puts teenagers at greater risk of getting into car crashes, experimenting with and becoming addicted to other substances, and experiencing mental health problems.

Although marijuana is still illegal in Wyoming and must be purchased on the black market, similar products are readily available here. Recently, hemp-derived intoxicants, commonly labeled as Delta-6, Delta-8, Delta-10, THCO, and other similar names have emerged in Wyoming under a legal gray area and are sold in hemp shops, vape shops, and gas stations. Oftentimes, these products are marketed as producing similar, but less intense highs than regular marijuana. However, hemp-derived intoxicants are produced through unregulated chemical alteration, have been known to cause adverse health effects in users, may produce highs that are more intense and more dangerous than regular marijuana and can still show up on a drug test.

Help your children have a safer, healthier, and more productive future. By speaking to your children about cannabis products and encouraging them to avoid use in their teen years, you are helping them avoid legal and social problems, addictions to other substances, traffic accidents, and mental health complications. Check out WyWeTalk and have this conversation today.

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