Rock Springs High School Tennis Downed By Green River High School 5-0


Here are the results from todays Tennis match between the Rock Springs Tigers and the Green River Wolves.

Wool Warehouse April

Girls Varsity

#1 Singles:  Laura Cecelia (GR) defeated Alicia Stevens (RS)

#2 Singles:  Haylen Cordova (GR) defeated Sasha Bartley (RS)

#1 Doubles: Alex Palmer and Kaitlyn Sharp (GR) defeated Rachel Shuler and Courtney Smith (RS)

#2 Doubles: Kelby Pope and Audrie Harrison (GR) defeated Michelle Butterfield and Abby Bettolo (RS)

#3 Doubles: Sydney Beutel and Anna Kimball (GR) defeated Emily Lininger and Maddie Corbit (RS)

Rons Ace Rental May 2

Boys Varsity

#1 Singles:  Gregory Marchal (GR) defeated Aaron Goldman (RS)

#2 Singles:  Patrick Marchal (GR) defeated John Prevedel (RS)

#1 Doubles: Jarrett Atkins and Danny Christensen (GR) defeated Gunner Hamblin and Ian Fletcher (RS)

#2 Doubles: Elliott Potter and Jon Leninger (GR) defeated Nick Allen and Cole Wardle (RS)

#3 Doubles: Jordan Anderson and Brett McKeehan (GR) defeated Martin Ayela and Clay Wells (RS)

#4 Doubles: Caden Grubb and Conner Friel (GR) defeated Colin Murcray and Bradyn Conover (RS)