Active Warrants For Rock Springs Municipal Court


Sweetwater Citizens Crime Stoppers has obtained an updated list of active Rock Springs Municipal Court Warrants.  This list is for active warrants issued from January 1st 2017 through July 7th 2017.

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There are approximately 40 active Rock Springs Municipal Warrants issued since the first of the year.

If you are, or know someone who is on this list, please have them contact the court (352-1551) and take care of the warrant.  Or contact your local law enforcement as to the wanted person’s whereabouts.

Note: This list is current at the time of posting, however it can change daily as issues arise or get resolved.

Aaron  Lassila Agustin  Perez Charlien G Alverez-Ortega
Jonathan  Nieto Natasha  Hagemann Kenzie Bechtol
Alfredo  Marquina Melanie  Sorensen Todd  Beresford
Timothy  Reed Julie  Seals Dustin  Punches
Kelsey  Garcia David  Babel Berenice Campos-De Lora
Tommy  Strickland Tyler  Frank Jose  Partida
Brent  Francis Katryna  Oswald Christopher  Armstrong
Michael  Roswell Joseph  Vail Alycia  Wilson
Joe Aguirre IV Kerry  Roberts Antonio Mehia-Barraza
Jerris Jones Tyshaun  Tacheene Joseph  Leber
Tony  Boralho William  McCourt Matthieu  Marini
Justin  Moore Jason  Winch Mykael  Vondenkamp
Kirk  Steffey Devyn  Dyer Melody  Lux
Dallas Allen Andrew  Maldonado