Avalanche near Star Valley causes one death


Emma Marsing, [email protected]

STAR VALLEY, WYOMING — An avalanche occurred last Thursday near Star Valley claiming the life of a 25-year-old Wisconsin man. According to the Lincoln Department Sheriff’s Office, the man was snowmobiling Poker Flats area located on the southern end of Greys River. No other people within the group were injured in the avalanche. At this time, the name of the man is being withheld until next-of-kin has been notified.

According to Avalanche.org, this year alone, ten deaths have occurred in the United States due to an avalanche. One being this incident in Wyoming and three from Colorado. The Bridger-Teton Avalanche Center in conjunction with the National Forest Service has designed an interactive map for those wanting to enter the mountain. The map will show areas flagged for having an avalanche or an area about to have an avalanche with real-time photos to better help the public understand the severity. As of today, the main areas to look at are those inside Bridger-Teton National Forest.

If ever caught in an avalanche, National Geographic recommends to try and get off the slab. Skiers and Snowboarders are advised to go down the slab to gain speed and veer to the side out of the way. Snowmobilers are advised to punch the throttle to get out of harm’s way or to grab a tree. If those ways are unfeasible, attempt to swim out of the snow or punch a space within the snow to breathe and punch upwards. Once the snow settles it becomes like concrete, not allowing the body to move.