Chamber calls BLM RMP public involvement “impressive”


February 2, 2024 — Wyo4News Staff

According to information released by the Rock Spring Chamber of Commerce, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) reports that recent public involvement regarding the Rock Springs Management Plan has been impressive. Unofficial reports indicate that over 13,900 online public submissions were received, along with 22,000 emails. The Chamber release stated over 40,000 opinions were submitted.

The Rock Springs Chamber noted these numbers represent double the number of public comments that were made on the scope project twelve years ago and are indicative of the passion, concern, and awareness of residents of Southwest Wyoming.

“We appreciate the thoughtful, intelligent letters submitted from industry leaders and businesses who expressed concern over the BLM’s preferred alternative and who revealed how this alternative could adversely affect healthy growth in our area,” stated an email press release from Rock Springs Chamber CEO Rick Lee. “The businesses that have submitted opinions have been excellent in reclamation and have always demonstrated the importance of proper land management. We are fortunate to have exceptional leaders, who committed time, energy, and talents to address the vitally important issues of this RMP.”