City Council approves donation of two columbaria at Riverview Cemetery’s Veterans section


Front row from left to right: Mayor Pete Rust, Summer Haven (American Legion Post 28), Jim Schoemaker and behind him his wife Anita Shoemaker, Earl McDonald (Purple Heart recipient), and Bill Neeley. Back row from left to right: Council members Sherry Bushman, George Jost, Ron Williams and Gary Killpack.

April 17, 2024 – Wyo4News

At the Green River City Council Meeting last night, council members unanimously approved to accept the donation of two columbaria at Riverview Cemetery’s Veteran’s section. The collaborative efforts of VFW Post 2321 and American Legion Post 28 have yielded a significant contribution to the cemetery.

An idea that started years ago has finally been made possible by donations made in the community by many individuals, businesses, and organizations. Through these donations and fundraising endeavors, they have acquired two columbaria to provide final resting places for honorably discharged veterans. Notably, in a gesture of profound generosity, these organizations are donating the columbaria to the City of Green River, ensuring a lasting legacy of respect and honor for those who served their nation.

The newest columbarium added to the Veterans section.

While speaking at the meeting, local veteran Jim Shoemaker specifically noted that the “city of Green River is known for the people who work and come together,” and this effort was intended to “leave an everlasting mark.”


During the meeting, Earl McDonald, a local Purple Heart recipient and Summer Haven of the American Legion Post 28, spoke and expressed their gratitude for the generosity of the local communities and expressed deep thanks for their support in making this vision become a reality. They are also looking forward to the addition of a columbarium for the cemetery in Rock Springs in the coming years.