Gordon signs Child Gender Change Prohibition bill, vetos Regulation of Abortion bill



March 22, 2024 — Wyo4News Staff

Today, Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon’s Office has signed SF0099 – Children gender change prohibition, which bans physicians from performing procedures for children related to gender transitioning and gender reassignment.

In a press release for the Governor’s Office, Gordon stated, “I signed SF99 because I support the protections this bill includes for children. However, it is my belief that the government is straying into the personal affairs of families,” Gordon added, “Our legislature needs to sort out its intentions with regard to parental rights. While it inserts governmental prerogative in some places, it affirms parental rights in others.”

ACLU Responds to the Signing of SF0099

The ACLU of Wyoming opposed Senate File 99. The following released statement comes from Libby Skarin, acting executive director for the ACLU of Wyoming:

“By signing this bill into law, Gov. Gordon has put the government in charge of making vital decisions traditionally reserved for parents in Wyoming. This ban won’t stop Wyomingites from being trans, but it will deny them critical support that helps struggling transgender youth grow up to become thriving transgender adults.

“Gov. Gordon and supporters of Senate File 99 have chosen fearmongering, misrepresentations, intimidation, and extremist politics over the rights of families and the lives of transgender youth in Wyoming. But this fight is far from over — we are determined to build a future where Wyoming is a safe place to raise every child. As our politicians continue to fail trans youth, it is up to each and every one of us to rise against their fear and ignorance and surround these young people with strength, safety, and love.”

Gordon Vetos House Bill 0148

Also today, Governor Gordon vetoed House Bill 0148- Regulation of Abortions. According to the Governor’s Office, the bill, as initially proposed, would have properly regulated surgical abortion clinics in Wyoming. However, amendments to the bill complicated its purpose, making it vulnerable to legal challenges. Wyoming is currently vigorously defending laws that already prohibit surgical and chemical abortions.

Gordon stated, “With the judge certifying these cases to the Wyoming Supreme Court, the state is closer than ever to a decision on the constitutionality of abortion in Wyoming.” The governor further stated, “It is my opinion that HB148, as amended, had the potential to further delay the resolution of this critical issue for the unborn. The potential of starting over on a new course of legal arguments would, in my mind, be derelict and would have only sacrificed additional unborn lives in Wyoming.”