Green River Shelter needs help adopting out 4 black coated dogs


May 28, 2024 – Wyo4News

The Green River Animal Shelter is currently experiencing a black dog bonanza, whereas they currently have at least four black dogs available for adoption – many of which are often overlooked in shelters simply because of the color of their fur. Among the stars of the bonanza are four exceptional canines: Lily, Sally, Lulu, and Jack. Each dog brings unique qualities and needs to potential adopters.


Meet Lily, a sweet and spirited two-year-old with a lot of puppy energy. Lily would thrive as an only dog and promises to be a loyal companion. She has been at the shelter for nearly 3 months after she was turned in when her owner passed away. Responsive and a fast learner, Lily is highly motivated by treats and is eager to please. Anyone who meets her quickly falls in love with her cheerful personality. Come see why Lily is the perfect addition to your family.


Sally is a delightful seven-year-old who has mastered basic commands and is housebroken. Though she can be reactive to other dogs, Sally has made progress with slow introductions. She loves people, car rides, and is happy being left at home alone. Sally’s fun-loving nature has made her a staff favorite. Visit the shelter to meet this charming older lady.


Lulu is a three-year-old Lab/Pitbull mix who is as sweet as she is shy. Lulu is good with children, cats, and other dogs, and can be left at home alone without issues. She knows basic commands but has struggled with the stress of shelter life. With the right family, Lulu’s true personality will shine. She is current on vaccinations and already spayed. Stop by and give Lulu the chance she deserves.


Jack is a loyal and loving Goldendoodle/Border Collie mix. Great with kids and larger dogs, Jack enjoys being outdoors and has excellent recall, making off-leash play a breeze. He is neutered, microchipped, and well house-trained. While Jack had a minor incident with a small chihuahua in his previous home, he thrives with bigger dogs, and a meet-and-greet with potential furry siblings is required.

The Green River Animal Shelter hopes to shine a light on these wonderful black dogs and encourage adoptions.  Black dogs are often overlooked in shelters, but they are just as loving and deserving of a home as any other dog. A visit to the shelter to meet any of these dogs aims to change this perception and find forever homes for these loyal companions.

For more information on adopting these wonderful dogs, visit the Green River Animal Shelter today. Bring home a new friend and see the joy they can bring to your life.