Hunters: Make sure you have your conservation stamp


Photo courtesy of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department

September 20, 2023 — Press Release from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department

Hunters preparing for their Wyoming hunts must have a conservation stamp before heading afield this fall. Licensed hunters must purchase a conservation stamp valid for 12 months. Holders of a daily hunting license are exempt. Refer to Wyoming Game and Fish Department regulations for specific license holders who are exempt. Lifetime license holders can purchase a lifetime conservation stamp.

Conservation stamps are $21.50 and can be purchased online, at any Game and Fish regional office, or any Game and Fish license-selling agent. If bought online, hunters need to print or save their stamp to their mobile device. Stamps will not be mailed.

Funds from the conservation stamp are used to support habitat and wildlife projects in Wyoming. Hunters also can donate to Access Yes when purchasing a conservation stamp to support access to more lands for hunting. Every dollar donated equals 3.2 acres of public access.