Late Night Fire At Zoobecks Pets And Supplies


Around 11:45 last night Rock Springs City Firefighters were called to Zoobecks Pets and Supplies at 501 Center Street due to a structure fire.  According to Zoobecks owner Jim Rubeck, the fire started in the basement in the west end of the building.  Rubeck attempted to put out the fire with a fire extinguisher but the was unsuccessful.

Fire crews extinguished the flames around 3:30 this morning and were able to enter the building at that point.  Many of the animals inside the building did perish in the fire, but it is estimated that around 30 reptiles survived.  Rubeck, the lone occupant of the building at the time of the fire, was not injured.

Rescued reptiles from Zoobecks Pets fire

Fire crews will remain on the scene to watch for hot spots.  The investigation into the cause of the fire will begin later this morning.  At this point there is no estimate of the total loss of property.