Local Group Invests In Green River’s Tomahawk Hotel

Photo Courtesy Of Sweetwater County Historical Museum

A group of local investors has purchased the Tomahawk Hotel in Green River and is currently working to remodel the second and third floors of the building.

Green River Opportunities Wyoming, also called GRoWYO, LLC, purchased the Tomahawk on March 31, 2017 with plans to develop the building for the community. GRoWYO is a newly formed company of private investors with ties to Sweetwater County communities.

Marty Carrollo, co-owner of GRoWYO, LLC, said the Tomahawk Hotel is the first project tackled by the group.

“We really are looking at how we can make our communities better, and this is the first step,” said Carollo.

As a prominent fixture of downtown Green River since its opening in 1921, the Tomahawk has played an important role in the town’s growth.

“We see the Tomahawk as really being the heartbeat of downtown,” said Carollo. “So, everything that we do with the Tomahawk we will keep the community informed. We see this as a partnership with the community and the businesses.”

The group has not yet decided on how the space will be utilized.

“We don’t want to force the Tomahawk into a space that we think it should be.But we would rather let it grow organically with the needs of the community,” said Carollo.

Recent management by Futures, Inc. helped begin the transformation of rebuilding downtown, and GRoWYO’s focus will continue that path.  According to Mike Frink, owner of Sweetwater Trophies downtown, “I have always believed that the Tomahawk is an enormous asset to our community, and I am glad to see private investment and local people who have a passion for Green River stay here to develop and help shape not only our downtown, but Green River too.”

GRoWYO’s initial focus over the next few months will be installing a fire suppression system and an elevator which will allow for future build-out and occupancy of all floors. Carrollo said it will be about a year before the second and third floors will be able to host tenants.

The acquisition is not expected to impact the tenants currently occupying the hotel’s first floor.

For rental information, please call 307-875-3969 or the upcoming website:  www.gro-wyo.com.