Muley Fanatics/The WYldlife Fund to hold annual golf tourney in Green River


May 26, 2022 — The Muley Fanatic Foundation and The WYldlife Fund are joining forces to present their Second Annual Golf for Wildlife Outing. The straight scramble golf tournament will take place on Saturday, June 18, at the Rolling Green County Club in Green River. A noon shotgun start is scheduled. The cost per team is $400 with a 27-team limit.

Money raised will help to fund the Kemmerer HWY-189 Wildlife Crossing Project. This project meets a major need in keeping wildlife and drivers safe.


To sign up a team, contact Aaron Berman at (307) 875-6200 or email [email protected] Prize payouts will be awarded to top placing teams and custom one-of-a-kind belt buckles for outright winners. Raffles and giveaways will follow golf. All participants will be served a meal after the golf round. Hole sponsorships are available.

President and CEO of the Muley Fanatic Foundation Joshua Coursey stated, “Economic development in southwest Wyoming is excelling, which means more traffic and more hazards to wildlife and drivers. This project undoubtedly will make our roadways safer for our families and wildlife. We are proud to partner with The WYldlife Fund to raise dollars and awareness for this much-needed project.”

Corsey added, “This project will deliver instant roadway safety, positive wildlife results, and migration corridor protection, specifically for the Wyoming Range and Uinta mule deer herds.”

While fall and spring migrations cause spikes in movement across HWY 189, there are continued movements back and forth HWY 189 throughout winter as it bisects the traditional winter range for both previously mentioned deer herds.


About the Kemmerer HWY-189 Wildlife Crossing Project  

The project will consist of three phases. Phase 1 will address MM 8-15, where mule deer collisions are the highest, and MM 20-30, where pronghorn collisions are greatest, by removing net-wire fencing and replacing it with deer high fence to funnel wildlife to existing underpasses while constructing an additional four underpasses. Phase 2 will consist of removal of existing net-wire fencing and expansion of deer high fence on both sides of right-of-way from MM 2-8 and MM 15-20, which would incorporate and tie in 5 existing structures, effectively funneling wildlife to these existing structures. Phase 3 will include the construction of a wildlife overpass that was previously sited in 2009 by WYODT and WGFD at a potential location of MM 24.15. This overpass is designed to “reconnect” a ridge that was carved out during the initial construction of HWY 189.

“Wildlife crossings are an effective way to make a direct and positive impact on Wyoming’s wildlife. Pairing underpasses and overpasses with high fencing can reduce wildlife collisions by 90%. The WYldlife Fund is a vehicle to route dollars to on the ground projects which will strengthen and advance our wildlife. We are proud to partner with a proven and outstanding organization such as Muley Fanatics,” said President of The WYldlife Fund Chris McBarnes.