Rock Springs Fire Department Responds to Local Fires


The Rock Springs Fire Department responded to two fires over the weekend. The 1st was at 400 Blair Avenue for a porch on fire. The initial report was that the occupants were inside but could not be contacted by the person reporting the fire. Being just down the street, Sweetwater County Fire Department responded and provided a size-up of the situation, assisting a bystander in extinguishing the fire. No damage was reported and the occupants had been on the rear of the home and unable to hear calls to evacuate the premise. The cause of the fire is suspected to be discarded smoking materials.

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At just before 6 pm on Sunday, August 5 a garage on fire was reported at 507 Bridger Avenue. Responding Rock Springs Fire Units encountered two garages behind 507 and 503 Bridger fully involved in fire with fire extension to the home at 507 Bridger and another garage behind a residence on Soulsby Avenue. Responding crews initiated fire attack, while Rock Springs Police Department resources began evacuating the neighboring residences and providing traffic control and security. RSFD crews began knocking down the greater part of the fire in the two garages while cooling the exposures. The fire had extended into the roofing system and ceiling in the home at 507 Bridger, requiring crews to open up much of the interior 2nd-story ceiling and eventually opening the exterior of the roof and sides of the eaves to ensure that all hot spots had been cooled and extinguished. RSFD was assisted by Sweetwater County Fire District #1 with one engine and 6 personnel during the later stages of extinguishment and suppression and by the Fire Investigator of the Rock Springs Police Department. Sweetwater Medics were on hand to assess the residents of the home and also to be on hand for any firefighter injuries. At this time the fire is under investigation.

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The Rock Springs Fire Department would like to thank the Rock Springs Police Department for their quick action in getting occupants out of the danger zone and helping to keep all of the responders and crews safe during operations. Rock Springs Fire Department is also grateful for our mutual aid partners – Sweetwater County Fire Department and Sweetwater County Fire District #1 for their help and support as well as the efforts of the Combined Communications Center Dispatchers – who strive daily to answer and handle all 911 calls effectively, relaying information help coordinate actions at emergency scenes and ensure responder and public safety. The local agencies would like to remind everyone to be careful with all outdoor cooking appliances and other heat sources. The warm and dry weather and lower humidity make fires of all types much more likely to ignite and quickly exceed the ability of a single person to extinguish. Fully extinguish all smoking materials before discarding them and use extreme caution with open flames.