RSJH hosts student of the month and GRIT winners


Tiffany Asher, [email protected]

ROCK SPRINGS, WYOMING — The Rock Springs Junior High has been announcing recognitions for both Student of the Month and GRIT winners starting this 2022-2023 school year. Town hall meetings are hosted during school hours, and winners of these achievements are announced. Each group recognizes one kid for Gratitude, Rising Star, Initiative, Timely, and Student of the Month. Those recognized for Student of the Month receive yard signs. All students receive a photo that is placed in their trophy case in front, a certificate, and some sort of small prize.


Teachers have teams formed for the professional learning community (PLC). There are four teams (two 7th grade and two 8th grade) that work together with their teachers from a common group. The 5th team is an elective team. These teams are called the Windriver Team, Vedauwoo Team, Yellowstone Team, Grand Teton Team, and Old Faithful Team.

Photo courtesy of the Rock Springs Junior High

“We are excited about this and want to get positive publicity out there and show that Rock Springs Junior High has a lot of good things happening here,” Kris Cundall, principal of RSJH mentioned. She talked about a Kindness Committee that has thanked the school board members and with that, was also recognized by the board. “The kindness committee is one of many after-school clubs sponsored by the 21st Century Grant and meets weekly to generate ideas to promote kindness and do kindness activities in the building. They are gearing up for activities during Random Acts of Kindness week in February,” it mentions on the RSJH Facebook page.

Photos of the Student of the month thus far: All photos courtesy of Rock Springs Junior High

Student of the Month for September: Wind River Team – Erin Murcray; Yellowstone Team – Evie DeGraw; Vedauwoo Team – Evan Berry; Grand Teton Team – Hugo Cuevas; Old Faithful Team – Owen Berry

Student of the Month for October: Wind River Team – Aria Wheeler; Yellowstone Team – JaeLynn Kim; Vedauwoo Team – Cambry Costantino; Grand Teton Team – Olivia Davies; Old Faithful Team – Brayton Boylen

GRIT winners for September are as follows:

Windriver Team:

  • GRIT: Yuliza Vincencio-Delgadillo
  • RISING STAR: Damon Hodges
  • INITIATIVE: Daxon Shelley
  • TIMELY: Braelyn Harris

Vedauwoo Team:

  • GRIT: Jamal Tetteh
  • RISING STAR: Heimy Cassola
  • INITIATIVE: Daniela Dominguez
  • TIMELY: Aaliyah Casillas

Yellowstone Team:

  • GRIT: Makayla Sparks
  • RISING STAR: Matthew Thompson
  • INITIATIVE: Brynlee Blake
  • TIMELY: Guilianna Nations

Grand Teton Team:

  • GRIT: Joanna Little
  • RISING STAR: Lily Sheldon
  • INITIATIVE: Joel Carillo
  • TIMELY: Hailee Sikich

Old Faithful Team:

  • GRIT: Andrew King
  • RISING STAR: AJ Taylor
  • INITIATIVE: Derek Busby
  • TIMELY: Ava Doerr