Sheriff’s Office Issues Adverse County Road Conditions Bulletin

County Road 4-7 northwest of Green River is closed north of the Blue Rim Road. Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office Photo.

Sheriff Mike Lowell and the County Department of Public Works have issued an advisory concerning adverse county road conditions created by snow and/or flooding in three particular areas:

  • County Road 4-7 (the Old Stauffer Road), northwest of Green River, is closed from the Blue Rim Road north to the OCI Entrance Road, (the entrance to Ciner).
  • The northern end of County Road 4-23 (the Crook’s Gap Road) in northeastern Sweetwater where it passes into Fremont County, is closed.
  • No unnecessary travel is recommended along the northern reaches of County Road 4-67 (the Tipton North Road) in the area where it connects with County Road 4-20 (the Luman Road) due to heavy snow drifts. Any travel in the area should be considered “four-wheel-drive only.”

Lowell said that those using county roads throughout Sweetwater County should remain alert for  snow drifts and flooding.