Sweetwater County School District #2 shines at State Young Authors


April 18, 2024 – Wyo4News

Eight students from Sweetwater County School District #2 have clinched victory at the 2024 Young Authors competition, marking a significant achievement for the district. Additionally, two students earned Honorable Mention recognition at the state-level contest.

The Young Authors competition, renowned for fostering literary talent among students, follows a rigorous selection process that starts with local contests, advances to county-level competitions, and culminates in the statewide showdown.

Throughout this journey, SWCSD#2 students consistently impressed judges with their literary prowess. At the elementary level, two students stood out for their exceptional writing abilities. Lincoln Middle School continued the district’s winning streak, with three students clinching the championship titles and another receiving an honorable mention. Green River High School contributed to the district’s success, with four students emerging victorious in their respective categories. Below is a complete list of winners:

The district administration extends its heartfelt congratulations to all participants in the Young Authors competition. Special recognition is reserved for the eight state champions and two honorable mentions from Sweetwater County School District #2, which showcase the district’s commitment to nurturing literary talent among its students.