Winton Wyoming, A Brief History

Winton Bath House Photo Credit: Sweetwater Historical Museum

Located just five miles north, northeast of Reliance lies the remains of what was once a thriving mining town here in Sweetwater County.

Winton Wyoming was once home to approximately 700 residents of all different nationalities.

Established in the early 1920’s, Winton had three operational mines, Mine 1, 3, and 7 ½. Winton also provided a company store, a boarding house (which was home to approximately 50 miners),a community club house, pool hall, doctor’s office, elementary school, post office, tiple, bath house, and a mine office. High School aged students traveled to Reliance to attend school.

House in Winton Photo Credit: Sweetwater Historical Museum

In 1924 the Union Pacific Coal Company spent roughly six months to install water lines to provide water to the town.

The bath house was put into operation in 1926 and provided 30 showers and 300 clothes baskets for men, six showers and six booths for women, and three showers in the boy’s bathroom.

The mines in Winton stayed in operation until 1952 when the mines were closed down. Residents stayed in the area a few more years until the town became officially abandoned. The homes in Winton were moved to surrounding areas such as Rock Springs. The community clubhouse was moved to Fort Bridger and became the Fort Bridger American Legion.