Wyoming House Passes Comprehensive Appropriations Package


(Cheyenne, Wyoming) Monday evening the Wyoming House of Representatives passed HB0001, the supplementary budget bill sponsored by the Joint Appropriations Committee. The House budget bill decreases the state of Wyoming’s operations budget to address falling revenues. With this bill, the House carefully stewards Wyoming tax dollars to ensure that essential services are protected for Wyoming people and that the immediate funding challenges Wyoming faces are thoroughly addressed.

In response to the legislation’s passage, House leaders released the following comments in advance of the conference committee:

“The House worked hard and debated every amendment to this bill. I am impressed with the dedication and commitment of the Wyoming House of Representatives in shaping this legislation to be right for Wyoming,” said Wyoming House Speaker Steve Harshman. “By working to address all the items at issue in this budget, I believe we are putting Wyoming in the best position possible to emerge from this downturn as strong and stable as ever. I am confident that the House has advanced a budget package that works for Wyoming and is mindful of the long-term needs of our young people and families, not just the immediate needs of our bottom line.”

“This bill is realistic about the economic conditions at the core of Wyoming’s revenue picture. It respects the limited role of government and makes the cuts necessary to balance the budget,” said House Joint Appropriations Chairman Bob Nicholas. “I believe this bill holds to the parameters advanced by the Joint Appropriations Committee and respects the testimony and input we received from so many Wyoming citizens and stakeholders. This budget maintains the integrity of every state agency’s core mission while making sensible and necessary reductions that are in line with the state’s current revenue climate.”