GAME CHANGING Drain Repair Technology From Aspen Mountain Plumbing


Aspen Mountain Plumbing is bringing new game-changing technology to Southwest Wyoming homeowners in need of a repair for a broken drain pipe. Through its acquisition of a Lightray LR3 LED UV system, Aspen Mountain Plumbing offers the most advanced UV “cure-and-replace” drain pipe technology.

“We decided to make a massive investment into the Lightray LR3 UV system because it will bring massive convenience to the homeowner. Traditionally, for a drain pipe repair service, we would have to dig up the entire yard to get to the pipe and leave the homeowners with a wrecked front lawn, followed by an expensive landscaping bill. Add to the fact that they often had to vacate their home as the job would take up to three days. Now, we are in and out of there within a few hours and can, thanks to the Lightray LR3 UV system, fix the broken pipe without putting one shovel into the ground. It is a revolutionary product,” said Lance Ball, CEO of Aspen Mountain Plumbing.

The following video documents Ball and his crew as they put this state-of-the-art technology into use for a local homeowner. You don’t want to miss this!

GAME CHANGING Drain Repair With UV Lighting – Aspen Mountain Plumbing

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