The Haunting of the Ivy House Inn


Darrian Mechling
[email protected]

CASPER, WYOMING (September 25, 2020) –In this week’s edition of Spooky Noodle, we look into the hauntings of the Ivy House Inn. Built-in 1916 by the White family, Mrs. White lived in the house until 1995 when she passed away at 93 years old. According to legends, this former bed and breakfast are haunted by the former owners Mr. and Mrs. White, and their two cats.


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Mrs. White was known to be a cranky and controlling woman. Reportedly after she passed, she controlled her home from beyond the grave. If anyone tried to smoke or drink in ‘her home’ she would lift objects into the air, move things from room to room, and ultimately terrify anyone who defied her.

Eventually, the home was bought by a couple and remodeled into a Bed and Breakfast. Those working on the house complained of strange smells, cold spots, and worst of all, objects being unplugged or taken from them. One man even said that while he was using an electric drill, it suddenly stopped working. As he turned to look for the cord, he saw that it was unplugged and hanging a few feet in the air.

Even with reports of the strange events, renovations were eventually finished and the B&B was open for business.

At the time of the opening, the couple who purchased the house did not believe in paranormal activity or ghost stories and refused to acknowledge any of the strange happenings.


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As the B&B opened, guests began complaining of waking up to Siamese cats curled up with them in bed purring. There were no cats at the B&B but guests described the cats as the same ones Mrs. White owned.

Guests would also say that they saw a man walking from the sink in the bathroom to the foot of the bed, muttering to himself, cat-like figures running through the hallways, strong smells of baking chocolate, and menthol cough medicine, would waft through a room and then disappear. Mrs. White herself would make appearances, sitting, and staring at guests with a glare that has been described as ‘deadly.’

The couple who bought the house are now believers in the paranormal and have even gone on to be paranormal investigators.

Today, the B&B has been converted to the Turning Point self-help center. Residents and staff continue to experience strange happenings and it is believed that Mr. and Mrs. White are still attached to the house.

The house is located at 815 South Ash Street in Casper, Wyoming.


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