Wildgame Nation Suspended from Outdoor Channel

Photo Credit: Outdoor Channel. Photo can be viewed at http://www.outdoorchannel.com/showphotos.aspx?show-id=1050&index=1#p

The show Wildgame Nation and host Bill Busbice, Jr. have been suspended from appearing on the Outdoor Channel following news that Busbice was recently sentenced for poaching an elk in Wyoming.

The announcement was made today by Jim Liberatore, CEO and President of Outdoor Sportsman Group Networks. The suspension is effective immediately.

“Outdoor Sportsman Group is committed to legal and ethical hunting,” said Liberatore. “We have strict policies and procedures in place that require all of our talent and producers to abide by all hunting regulations. We hold our employees to the highest of standards in order to ensure that we are effectively serving the outdoor community. As a result of the recent charges in Wyoming involving Bill Busbice, Jr., we have suspended the show and Busbice indefinitely from Outdoor Channel.”

Busbice is also a co-owner of the outdoor products company Wildgame Innovations, a subsidiary of Plano Synergy.

Earlier today, Plano Synergy CEO David E. Dudick released a statement on the topic. Dudick said the company “has a culture that is grounded in integrity, and respect for the outdoors.”

The statement says the company is investigating the incident and offers “assurance of appropriate and swift action.”

The full statement from CEO David E. Dudick is available below and can be viewed on Facebook pages for Wildgame Nation and Wildgame Innovations.

Important Message from David E. Dudick, Chief Executive Officer, Plano Synergy:

Wildgame Innovations, a subsidiary of Plano Synergy, has a culture that is grounded in integrity, and respect for the outdoors. This comes with the expectation that we will always do the right thing. Our decisions will always reflect our commitments to our customers and consumers. The reported incidents in no way reflect upon the values of our Company, brands and employees. Our customers and consumers choose us because they appreciate our never-ending zeal to deliver high quality products and exceptional service.

We are currently gathering the facts surrounding this incident and offer the assurance of appropriate and swift action. We have a deep respect for law, tradition and the ethical practices of our sports. We take pride in serving our industry and promote the fair and lawful practices of game hunting.

Every day we strive to be a company that is trustworthy, respectful and fair with our consumers, employees, customers and business partners. We ask for your trust and patience as we collect the facts and determine our next steps. We promise to keep you updated in a timely manner.