GRPD/Emergency Services to perform school emergency drills this week

Photo courtesy of the Green River Police Department Facebook page.

Wyo4News Staff,
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ROCK SPRINGS, WYOMING (September 21, 2020) — The Green River Police Department (GRPD), along with other emergency services, will be conducting school emergency drills beginning this week.


A post on the GRPD Facebook page stated, “In a combined effort to refine Emergency Drills within the School District and align with a more coordinated and realistic response in the event of a real crisis. GRPD and other Emergency Services will be responding to all emergency drills. We want this to become the new protocol for conducting emergency drills. This will be a new learning process between the District and Emergency Response Personnel. The purpose of this new response protocol is to determine the most effective communication and emergency procedures so emergency personnel can arrive on scene as quickly as possible.”

The drills will be conducted at different schools within Sweetwater County District #2, and no times will be announced, making the response as realistic as possible.
The first drill is scheduled to be conducted this Tuesday, September 22, with another exercise scheduled for Wednesday. Both will be a Secure Drills, formerly known as a Lockout Drill.
Sweetwater School District #2 will send out notices for each drill, and the GRPD will post drill announcements on social media.