RSPD reminding citizens to drive safely as school starts for SCSD #1


Wyo4News Staff, [email protected]

ROCK SPRINGS, WYOMING (August 14, 2020) — School starts on Monday, August 17, for Sweetwater School District #1 (SCSD #1). This means more children will be walking and biking on the roads, school buses will be out, and motorists will need to take extra care behind the wheel.

The Rock Springs Police Department (RSPD) is reminding drivers to eliminate distractions and follow these safety rules:

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  • Obey speed limits and traffic signs. School zones have different speed limits set for different times of the day. It is important to pay attention to the speed limit changes and other traffic signs.
  • Pay attention to school buses. Yellow flashing lights indicate the bus is preparing to stop. Red flashing lights and the extended “STOP” arm means traffic is required to stop until the lights stop flashing and the extended “STOP” arm is withdrawn. Never pass a bus from behind or from either direction if you’re on an undivided road and the bus is stopped to load or unload children. (See diagram.) Passing a school bus not only endangers children but also carries a fine of $450.00.
  • Watch for crosswalks and crossing guards. Always stop for crossing guards holding up a stop sign and never pass a vehicle that is stopped for pedestrians.
  • Stay alert. Children are the least predictable pedestrians and the most difficult to see. Pay attention to the road. Anything that takes your mind off the safe operation of your vehicle can lead to an accident.

These tips can help ensure that everyone reaches their destinations safely. This can help drivers avoid fines and tickets.

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